Membrane keyboard for 2711P-K6C5A8 membrane keypad switch

Group Panelview Plus 6
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Update Time 2020-07-20
Item specifics
BrandAllen Bradley
Warranty365 Days
Product LinePanelView Plus 6
Size5.7 Inch
SupplyPanelView Plus 6 Membrane Keypad Swtich
Parts2711P-K6C5A8 Membrane Keypad Switch

2711P-K6C5A8 PanelView Plus 6 Membrane Keyboard Keypad Switch LCD Display Plastic Case Cover Repair Replacement

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The Allen-Bradley 2711P-K6C5A8 PanelView Plus 6 is a Human Machine Interface device used in many automation applications for monitoring and machine control. It provides interface and control through the stainless steel specialized keypads, with numerical, navigational, and function (F1-F10) keys, with an operational keypad shock withstand of 340G. Control parameters and settings can be viewed graphically through the 5.5-inch, color active matrix, thin-film transistor display, with an 18-bit color graphics display resolution (320 x 240 pixel), and a display dimension of 4.37in x 3.3in. The 2711P-K6C5A8 also offers 300 cd/m2 Nits display brightness and a non-replaceable CCFL backlight with 50,000 hours of half-life. The 2711P-K6C5A8 comes with 64MB non-expandable flash memory for data storage (with 20MB for application storage) and it supports the 256MB compact flash card for external memory storage.

The 2711P-K6C5A8 is pre-installed with the FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition software and it can use the single USB port for connection to a computer and for programming the user’s applications. It communicates with external devices connected to the EtherNet, RS-232, and Remote I/O (RIO) Network using the RS-232, EtherNet communication port. The 2711P-K6C5A8 has an internal clock with real-time capability and an accuracy of ±2 minutes per month of backup with 5 years of battery life at 25 0C. It has an electrical rating of 10-30V DC (nom) input voltage, and 24W power consumption at 1A and 24V DC. The 2711P-K6C5A8 is designed for use at a temperature range between 0 and 55 °C (32 and 131 °F) at a relative humidity between 5 and 95% without condensation and it is built to withstand an operating shock of 15G and a vibration of 2G at 57-500Hz. The 2711P-K6C5A8 weighs approximately 930g (2.05lb) and has dimensions of 167mm x 266mm x 98mm (6.58 x 10.47in x 3.86in).

VICPAS supply Panelview Standard 6 2711P-K6C5A8 membrane keypad switch for repair replacement, make the HMI running. We provide a 1-year warranty of the most product, which include most of touch screen panel, membrane keypad, LCD display and protective case shell housing.

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The table below describes the parameters of the 2711P-K6C5A8 PanelView Plus 6 membrane keyboard keypad switch.

Part Number :2711P-K6C5A8
Product Line:PanelView Plus 6
Screen diagonal14 in
Warranty: 365 Days Warranty
Input Power24 VDC
Software:Panelbuilder 32
Operating Temperature: 32-131 F (0-55 C)
Input Type: Keypad
Communication:Remote I/O and RS-232 Printer Port
Display Dimensions 10.0 x 7.5 in (255 x 191 mm)

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Question:What are the status indicators for 2711P-K6C5A8?

Answer:2711P-K6C5A8 has two indicators: a green COMM indicator and a red fault indicator.

Question: What is the voltage rating of the 2711P-K6C5A8 Allen Bradley ?

Answer:The 2711P-K6C5A8 has a voltage rating of 85 to 264 Volts AC.

Question:Does the 2711P-K6C5A8 Panelview Plus 6 have a replacement backlight?

Answer:Yes, the 2711P-K6C5A8 has a replacement backlight, although different series have different replacement parts. 2711P-K6C5A8 has the following replacement part number: 2711-NL4, Series B: 2711-NL6, Series C: 2711-NL7, Series D, and Series E: 2711NL9, and for Series F: 2711-NL10.

Question:How many touch cells does 2711P-K6C5A8 have?

Answer:2711P-K6C5A8 has 384 touch cells in 24 columns by 16 rows. The touch cell size is 33 x 37 pixels.

Question: What is the 2711P-K6C5A8 PanelView Plus 6 touch screen panel price?

Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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