Hakko V710C Touchscreen V710CD Film Housing Repair

Group Hakko V7 Series
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-07-24
Item specifics
Warranty365 Days
Product LineMonitouch V7 Series
SupplyV710C V710CD Touch Screen Glass Repair
Size10 inch
modelV710C V710CD
PartsTouchscreen Panel Protective Film Plastic Case

Hakko Monitouch V710C V710CD Touch Screen Panel, Protective Film, Plastic Case Cover and LCD Display Repair Replacement

Order each part separately is available

The V7 series that supports T-LINK communications can perform long-distance high-speed data transmission with the Fuji Electric's PLC MICREX-F series.The V7 series updates the display when the read data (V7 series ← PLC) is changed. The V7 series reads data from the PLC memory addresses that are allocated to the items placed on the screen, such as lamp parts or counter parts. When switch data or counter setting data on the V7 series should be written, the V7 series issues a write command to the PLC and writes the output data to the PLC memory. These operations are automatically performed on the V7 unit and no special communication program is required on the PLC side.

When the V7 series is connected to a printer, a screen hard copy, data sheet or sampling data can be printed. To connect a printer with parallel interface, insert the cable into the printer connector (PRINTER); to connect a printer with serial interface, insert the cable into a modular jack (MJ1/MJ2). When the V7 series is equipped with the communication interface unit CU-04 is mounted, PROFIBUS-DP communications can be performed.

VICPAS supply Hakko Monitouch V710C V710CD Touchscreen Panel, Protective Film, Plastic Case cover and LCD display. All of them with VICPAS 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.

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The table below describes the parameters of the Hakko Monitouch V710C V710CD HMI Parts.

Part Number : V710C V710CD
Display Size: 10 inches
Display ColorAmber
Warranty: 365 days Warranty
Product Line:Monitouch V7 Series
Input Type:Touchscreen Glass
Mounting position: vertical
Communication: Ethernet and RS-232
Software FactoryTalk

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Hakko Monitouch V7 Series Manuals PDF Download:

  • HAKKO Monitouch V710C V710CD User Manual
  • HAKKO Monitouch V7 Series Flat Panel User Manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to set V710C V710CD Date and Time?

    1. Move the cursor using the [←] / [→] switch, and change the value by pressing the [+] / [−] switch.
    2. When the desired date and time are set, press the [Set] switch to determine the setting.
    3. The calendar data is updated as set.

    Question: If a touch switch does not activate at all or if an operation is performed without pressing any touch switch, what should we do?

    Answer:Check that the touch switches on the V7 panel are working properly.
    1. Press the [Switch Check] switch. Grids appear on the screen as shown below.

    2. Press a position on the panel, and check that the pressed position turns white.
    The switch is activated normally when the pressed position turns white.
    To move back to the “I/O Test” screen, press the [F4] switch.
    To delete white dots press the [F5] switch.

    3. If a position different from the pressed position turns white, refer to “Touch Switch Adjustment” on the next page and adjust the touch switch position.

    Question: How to transfer Screen Data from a V710C V710CD CF Card?

    Answer:The procedure of transferring data between the V7 series and a CF card is described below.
    1. Mounting the CF card Insert the CF card into the CF card connector at the side of the V7 unit.
    * Do not remove or insert the CF card in the later steps.
    2. Data selection Select [Screen Data]. When the lamp is red, it is selected.
    3. Transfer selection Select [Display <-- card="" display="" --=""> Card] or [Display <--> Card].

    Common misspellings: 

    V710 V710D
    V71C V71CD
    710C V710C
    V71T0 V170CD
    7V10C V71C0D
    V7710C V7710CD
    V710CC V710CDD