Hakko V708SD Touchscreen V708iSD Film Housing Repair

Group Hakko V7 Series
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update Time 2020-07-24
Item specifics
Warranty365 Days
Product LineMonitouch V7 Series
SupplyV708SD V708iSD Touch Screen Glass Repair
Size8 inch
modelV708SD V708iSD
PartsTouchscreen Panel Protective Film Plastic Case

Hakko Monitouch V708SD V708iSD Touch Screen Panel, Protective Film, Plastic Case Cover and LCD Display Repair Replacement

Order each part separately is available

V708SD TFT color, 800 × 600 dots, standard, DC power supply Compliant with CE/UL/cUL
V708iSD TFT color, 800 × 600 dots, high-performance, DC power supply Compliant withCE/UL/cUL
Ambient Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Storage Ambient:Temperature −10°C to +60°C
Ambient Humidity: 85% RH or less (without dew condensation)
Solvent Resistance: No cutting oil or organic solvent attached to the unit
Atmosphere: No corrosive gas, not so much excessive dust and no conductive dustMechanical
Vibration Resistance:Vibration frequency: 10 to 150 Hz, Acceleration: 9.8 m/s2 (1.0G)
Single amplitude: 0.075 mm, X, Y, Z: 3 directions for one hour
Shock Resistance:Pulse shape: Sine half wave Peak acceleration: 147 m/s2 (15G), X, Y, Z: 3 directions six times each

1. 32k-color Display (except for V706M)
32,768-color display makes colorful expression possible.
JPEG files and bitmap files are clearly displayed in brilliant colors.
2. USB Master/Slave Port as Standard
Two ports are provided as standard for diverse applications.
At the master port, a USB-compatible EPSON STYLUS PHOTO series printer or CF card reader/writer can be used. On-site versatility is extended further. At the slave port, large quantities of screen data can be transferred from the computer at a high speed.

VICPAS supply Hakko Monitouch V708SD V708iSD Touchscreen Panel, Protective Film, Plastic Case cover and LCD display. All of them with VICPAS 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.

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The table below describes the parameters of the Hakko Monitouch V708SD V708iSD HMI Parts.

Part Number : V708SD V708iSD
Display Size: 8 inches
Display ColorAmber
Warranty: 365 days Warranty
Product Line:Monitouch V7 Series
Input Type:Touchscreen Glass
Mounting position: vertical
Communication: Ethernet and RS-232
Software FactoryTalk

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Hakko Monitouch V7 Series Manuals PDF Download:

  • HAKKO Monitouch V708SD V708iSD User Manual
  • HAKKO Monitouch V7 Series Flat Panel User Manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: What is the Names and Functions of HAKKO V708SD V708iSD Panel Components?


    1. Display: This is the display unit.
    2. Power lamp (POWER): Illuminates (green) when the power is supplied to the V7 series.
    3. Function switches: Used for RUN /STOP selection, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment and backlight ON/OFF (according to the setting). These switches can be used as user switches in the RUN mode.
    4. CF card connector (CF) : This is the connector where the CF card is inserted.
    5. Printer connector (PRINTER): Used for printer connection.
    6. Modular jack connectors (MJ1, MJ2): Used for screen data transfer and connection with temperature controller, barcode reader, CREC, etc.
    7. PLC communication connector (CN1): Used for connection between the V7 series and a PLC or an external control unit (computer, custom controller, etc).
    8. 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T connector (LAN) ..V7i only: Used for Ethernet connection.
    9. Power supply terminal block:Supplies the power to the V7 series (100 to 240 VAC, 24 VDC)
    10. Mounting holes: Used for inserting fixtures when securing the V7 series to the mounting panel.
    11. Communication interface unit connector (CN5)
    This is the connector where the communication unit (CU-xx, optional) for OPCN-1, T-LINK, CC-Link, Ethernet, FL-net (OPCN-2), PROFIBUS-DP, MELSECNET/10 or DeviceNet is mounted.
    12. Option unit connector (CN6) ..................................... V7i only
    This is the connector where the option unit (EU-xx) for video, sound, RGB IN or RGB OUT is mounted.
    13. Add-on memory connector (MEMORY)
    This is the connector where the optional FLASH memory cassette (V7EM-F) or SRAM cassette (V7EM-S) is mounted.
    14. DIP switch
    8-bit DIP switch used for setting terminating resistance of the CN1 signal line and the MJ1/MJ2 RS-422/485 signal line.
    15. Battery holder
    Contains a backup battery for SRAM and clock. When the battery voltage drops, replace the battery with a new one (V7-BT).

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