2711-K9A1 PanelView 900 Membrane Keyboard Switch Repair

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Item specifics
BrandAllen Bradley
Warranty365 Days
Product LinePanelView 900
Size9 Inch
SupplyPanelView 900 Membrane Keypad Swtich
Parts2711-K9A1 Membrane Keypad Swtich

2711-K9A1 PanelView 900 Membrane Keyboard Keypad Swtich Repair Replacement

The Allen-Bradley 2711-K9A1 is a 9-inch keypad input HMI for displaying and monitoring information and executing applications in the logic controller. It is an AC PV900M that is part of the Bulletin 2711 PanelView 900 Standard Operator Terminal series. It comes with a Remote I/O Communication Port that connects to a sub-scanner or a scanner on an RIO network. The RIO parameters are set up initially via an out-of-the-box screen at first powerup. And once an application has been downloaded, this screen will be erased.

The PanelView 2711-K9A1 Operator Interface also features an RS-232 Printer Port that communicates with printers supporting the IBM enhanced character set. Settings are retained between power cycles. This port also allows connection with the RS-232 port of a computer for transferring application files. To develop these applications for the PanelView terminal, a Windows program – the PanelBuilder32 software is required.The 2711-K9A1 Terminal comes with a durable AC gas plasma monochrome display with a 640 x 400-pixel screen. To the right is the 14-button input keypad containing the numeric 0-9, minus, decimal point, enter, and backspace keys. The 2711-K9A1 also has user-defined function keys from F1 to F16 and a set of cursor keys. It requires a 120 V AC input power source. The 2711-K9A1 has a supply voltage ranging between 85 and 264V AC at 47-63 Hz with a maximum power consumption peaking at 110 VA.

VICPAS supply Allen Bradley Panelview 900 2711-K9A1 membrane keyboard switch for repair replacement, make the HMI running. We provide a 1-year warranty of the most product, which include most of touch screen panel, membrane keypad, LCD display and protective case shell housing.

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The table below describes the parameters of the 2711-K9A1 PanelView 900 Touchscreen Panel Glass.

Part Number : 2711-K9A1
Product Line:PanelView 900
Screen diagonal9 in
Warranty: 365 Days Warranty
Input Power24 VDC
Software:Panelbuilder 32
Mounting position: vertical
Input Type: Keypad
Communication:Remote I/O and RS-232 Printer Port
Firmware 4.00-4.48

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Question:What kind of communication port does the Panelview 900 2711-K9A1 have?

Answer:The 2711-K9A1 has an RIO communication port.

Question:what are you want to know about Allen Bradley Panelview series?

Answer:The PanelView Standard operator terminals have multiple models: the 300, 550, 600, 900, 1000, and 1400. The PanelViews are Top Rated Electronic Operator Terminals engineered to suit your needs. The Panelviews have high performance flat panel designs or 14-inch CRTs. These electronic driver interfaces feature excellent graphics capabilities. They have high performance functionality in color, gray scale and monochrome displays.

Question:How long does this unit’s backlight last?

Answer:This PanelView 900 2711-K9A1 unit’s backlight has an average lifespan of 100,000 hours

Question:What type of input does the 2711-K9A1 have?

Answer:The 2711-K9A1 has a keypad as its operator input.

Question: Is the internal backlight of the display replaceable?

Answer:Yes, the 2711-K9A1 terminal has a replaceable internal backlight. The replacement part number is 2711-NL1.

Question: What is the 2711-K9A1 PanelView 900 touchscreen panel price?

Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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