6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W Touch Screen Protective Film

Group Power Panel T30/T50
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Update Time 2019-04-19
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Warranty1 Year VICPAS Warranty
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ModelB&R Power Panel T30 6PPT30.101N-20B
ModelB&R Power Panel T30 6PPT30.101N-20W
Size10.1 inch

B&R Power Panel T30 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W Touch Screen Panel Protective Film repair replacement

The 6PPT30.101N-20B and 6PPT30.101N-20W touchscreen are integrated display industrial computer that features a LCD display. This touch panel measures 10.1-inches and it is a resistive type that can handle single-touch inputs only. On the surface of industrial computers, a protective film is applied to protect the touch screen from surface cleaning and image clarity. If there is stain on the protective film, you can purchase a new mask to replace it.

The short description about Power Panel T30 6PPT30.101N-20B and 6PPT30.101N-20W, 10.1", analog resistive touch screen, 2 Ethernet interfaces, internal switch, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, embedded client software: - VNC client mode - Embedded web browser on board, portrait format, aluminum white pinstripe.

Electronic devices are never completely failsafe. If the programmable control system, operating/monitoring device or uninterruptible power supply fails, the user is responsible for ensuring that other connected devices, e.g. motors, are brought to a secure state.

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The table below describes the parameters of the 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W touchscreen protective film.

Part Number : 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W
Product Line: B&R Power Panel T30
Touchscreen Size: 10.1 in.
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
Touch Technology: Resistive Film (analog)
Resolution: DC 5V 1mA
Display colour:16 million colours
Storage Temp.: -20℃~+70℃
lineation test: ≥1.000.000 times
Input Type: ≥100.000 times 

Product Video:

The video below describes the product details of the 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W touch screen panel with overlay.

PDF Download:

  • 6PPT30.101N-20B User's manual PDF
  • 6PPT30.101N-20W User's manual PDF
  • B&R Power Panel T-series User's Manual

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    Question: How large is the touchscreen display of the Power Panel 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W Terminal?

    Answer: The display size of this B&R automation terminal is 10.1 inches.

    Question: What technology is used for the touch screen of 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W HMI touchscreen?

    Answer:The touchscreen of this operator terminal is produced using analog resistive.

    Question: What is the price of 6PPT30.101N-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W Power Panel terminal Parts?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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