6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W Touch Screen Protective Film

Group Power Panel T30/T50
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-04-19
Item specifics
Warranty1 Year VICPAS Warranty
ShippingDHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT/EMS/Aramex /DPEX
ModelB&R Power Panel T30 6PPT30.057L-20B
ModelB&R Power Panel T30 6PPT30.057L-20W
Size5.7 inch

B&R Power Panel T30 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W Touch Screen Protective Film repair replacement

The Power Panel 6PPT30.057L-20B and 6PPT30.057L-20W touch panel 5.7 inch color touch controller panel - Dig 8 inputs/8 outputs +Ana 4 In/2 Out. The STN dispaly backlight allows dimming and energy efficient and the Pixel resolution with VGA, 640 x 480 pixels. The integrated design of the Power Panel T30 touchscreen delivers maximum functionality while keeping installation easy. Especially suitable for small machines and simple process control, its state-of-the-art display provides a crystal-clear readability.

6PPT30.057L-20B and 6PPT30.057L-20W touch calibration. B&R touch screen devices are equipped with a touch controller that supports hardware calibration. As a result, devices are pre-calibrated when delivered. This is an advantageous feature when replacing devices of the same model or type since it avoids having to recalibrate the new device. Nevertheless, calibrating the device is still recommended in order to achieve the best results and to better adapt the touch screen to the user's preferences.

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The table below describes the parameters of the 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W touchscreen protective film.

Part Number : 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W
Product Line: B&R Power Panel T30
Touchscreen Size: 5.7 in.
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
Touch Technology: Resistive Film (analog)
Resolution: DC 5V 1mA
Display colour:16 million colours
Storage Temp.: -20℃~+70℃
lineation test: ≥1.000.000 times
Input Type: ≥100.000 times 

Product Video:

The video below describes the product details of the 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W touch screen panel with overlay.

PDF Download:

  • 6PPT30.057L-20B User's manual PDF
  • 6PPT30.057L-20W User's manual PDF
  • B&R Power Panel T-series User's Manual

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    Question: How large is the touchscreen display of the Power Panel 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W Terminal?

    Answer: The display size of this B&R automation terminal is 5.7 inches.

    Question: What technology is used for the touch screen of 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W HMI touchscreen?

    Answer:The touchscreen of this operator terminal is produced using analog resistive.

    Question: What is the price of 6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W Power Panel terminal Parts?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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