HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 Front Overlay HMI Panel Glass
HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 Front Overlay HMI Panel Glass
HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 Front Overlay HMI Panel Glass
Schneider HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354

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1 Year VICPAS Warranty
Schneider HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354
15 inch

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Magelis HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 Touch Screen Panel Protective Film repair replacement

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Schneider Electric HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 Touch Screen Panel protective film

The Schneider Electric HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 touch screen panel is manufactured with resistance touch screen technology, which can be touch with fingers. It is made of ITO glass, PET film and conductive ITO coating. And the touchscreen working most high temperature and high humidity storage: 70℃,70%RH and 120hr. Basically meet various industrial automation control panel working environments

VICPAS supply Schneider HMI part to replace, make the HMI running. We provide a 1-year warranty of the most products, which include most of HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 touch screen panel, membrane keypad and display.

This computer uses the Magelis Professional operating system and the configuration of the HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 HMI is done by using the Configuration software Vijeo Designer. When in operation, it is important that its ambient temperature is within the 32 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 60 degrees Celsius range. And its ambient temperature for storage within the -20 to 50 degrees Celsius range. It can basically meet the requirements of working in a normal environment


The table below describes the parameters of the HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 touch screen protective film.

Part Number : HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354
Product Line: Magelis XBTGT Series
Touchscreen Size: 15 in.
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
Touch Technology: Resistive
Rated Voltage: DC 5V 1mA
Operating Temp.: -10℃~+80℃
Storage Temp.: -20℃~+70℃
lineation test: ≥1.000.000 times
Input Type: ≥100.000 times 


Question: Is the internal backlight replaceable?

Answer: No, the internal backlight of HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 is not replaceable.

Question: Is the battery replaceable?

Answer: No, the battery of HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 is not replaceable.

Question: What is the price of HMIGTW7353 HMIGTW7354 HMI Parts?

Answer: Submit a quote request, send us an email for our best price.

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