2711-K5A16 PanelView 550 Membrane Keypad Keyboard

Group Panelview 550
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Update Time 2019-08-20
Item specifics
BrandAllen Bradley
Warranty6 Months
Product LinePanelView 550
Size5 Inch
SupplyPanelView 550 Membrane Keypad

2711-K5A16 PanelView 550 Membrane Keyboard Keypad Repair Replacement

The 2711-K5A16 unit is an obsolete Panelview 550 Terminal that is manufactured by Allen Bradley. This interface module contains an  RS-232 DF1 communication port, as well as an RS-232 Printer and Download port. Its memory type is a 170 kilobyte RAM memory with a 240-kilobyte nonvolatile memory.
This module is capable of triggering alarms and sending alarm banners to the display screen. This feature allows the module to alert the operators to any dangerous or fault conditions. It does contain a screen with a 5.5-inch diagonal display length and a 4.75 by 2.38-inch area. Its resolution is 256 by 128 and it has a monochrome LCD Blue display color. The screen is lit up by an LED backlight, with an average lifespan around 100,000 hours. Once the backlight needs to be replaced, a new one may be ordered with the part number 2711-NL1. Its battery powered clock will stamp important data with a date and time. The 2711-K5A16 also uses Panelbuilder 32 as its primary software, providing the user with additional flexibility.
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This module’s main input is a keypad type input; while its screen can display data, it cannot in and of itself be used to input data. This module’s F1 through F10 keys allow the user to load whatever information is necessary into the module. It also contains an additional numeric keypad, for further input purposes.
The 2711-K5A16 unit generally has a firmware somewhere between revision 1.00 and revision 4.48, but in order to support a 4M, 8M, or 16M ATA flash card, this module must be running revision firmware 3.0+ (a computer equipped with an ATA card drive will support the above flash cards as well). In the case that the module is installed with the correct firmware or contains the appropriate card drive, the cards may be used for file transfer, data storage, and updating purposes.

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The table below describes the parameters of the 2711-K5A16 PanelView 550 membrane keypad swtich.

Part Number : 2711-K5A16
Product Line:PanelView 550
Screen diagonal5 in
Warranty: 6 mouths Warranty
Input Power24 VDC
Software:Panelbuilder 32
Mounting position: vertical
Design as touch screen: No
Keyboard fonts:US English
Firmware 4.00-4.48

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Question:What type of input does the 2711-K5A16 have?

Answer:The 2711-K5A16 has a keypad input.

Question:What is the common firmware for 2711-K5A16 Allen Bradley Panelview 500?

Answer:The most common firmware of 2711-K5A16 is 1.00-4.48.

Question: Is the internal backlight of the display replaceable?

Answer:Yes, the 2711-K5A16 terminal has a replaceable internal backlight. The replacement part number is 2711-NL1.

Question: What is the 2711-K5A1 PanelView 550 HMI parts price?

Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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