6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0 Membrane Keypad

Group Siemens Membrane Keyboard Repair
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update Time 2018-11-23
Item specifics
Warranty180 Days
KeywordMembrane Keyboard Keypad Switch
Shipping2-3 workdays
Name6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa0
6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0 Membrane Keypad Repair

6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0Membrane Keypad Material: Polyester or Polycarbonate; 6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0Membrane Keyboard Artwork Format: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator AI or EPS, AutoCAD Dwg or DXF. 6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0Operator Panel Keypad Tactile Feel: Is determined by the thickness of the overlayer. Normally between 0.06” -0.08", 6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0Operator Keyboard Conductive Trace: Silver or Copper. 6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0Membrane Switch Dome: Stainless Steel or Mylar. 6FC5370-0AA00-3CA0 6FC5370-0AA00-3AA0 6fc5370-0aa00-1aa0Touch Screen Keypad Life Cycle: 5 Million Cycles(up to).

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Product Feature:

Size :   inch;
Shipping : 2~3 Workdays
Warranty : 180 Days

Dimension : According to customer's demand,OEM service
Color : Pantone and RALcolor matching system.
Rear Adhesive : 3M467,3M468,3M9448 ect
Membrane Keypad
Dome : Stainless Steel or Mylar
Conductive Trace : Silver or Copper
Life Cycle : 5 Million Cycles(up to)
Material : Polyester or Polycarbonate
Artwork Format : CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator AI or EPS, AutoCAD Dwg or DXF
Travel : Depend on customer's requirement. Normally between 0.010" - 0.020".