The membrane keyboard switch brand of VICPAS :

What membrane keyboard switch brand can VICPAS Touch Technology Company supply?

VICPAS Touch Technology Company is the leading membrane keyboard, touch sceen and touch panel suppliers! Quality is our culture. Every production we supply must be tested by 9 processes before leaving the factory. As important as the quality is , Time is also valuable for you and us. Our team can provide you with the most satisfactory production in the shortest time.

Please see the table below for our specific membrane keyboard switch.

for siemens   
for AB Allen-Bradley
for B&R Powerpanel
for KUKA
for Beijer
for Schneider
for  Beckhof
for ESA
for Proface
for Omronfor Other


1. Touch Screen   Touch Panel
2. LCD Display
3. Plastic cover
4. Accesory Spare Part

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