How to Customize HMI/Operator Panel Plastic Housing?
  • A: Do you have OP73 operation panel shell?
  • B: Sorry, we don’t have this product, but we can customize it for you.

  • A: OK, how do I need to cooperate?
  • B: Please send us your samples.

  • A: How long does it take to produce?
  • B: It usually takes 2-3 weeks.

  • A: What is the minimum order quantity?
  • B: MOQ:1 Set.

  • A: Can you guarantee 100% availability?
  • B: Yes, it will be tested before shipment, and it will be shipped only if it is fully usable.

  • A: How long does it take to ship to Europe and America?
  • B: Shipping via DHL, only 2-4 working days.

Watch the whole process of shell customization

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  • HMI Operator Panel Shell Customization Process
  • 1. P.O./Deposit Received
  • 2. Customer's Drawing / Sample
  • 3. Mold Design
  • 4. CNC
  • 5. E.DM.
  • 6. Component Processing
  • 7. Bench Work
  • 8. Measurement
  • 9. Mold Match
  • 10. Polishing
  • 11. Trial Test
  • 12. Sample Comfirm
  • 13. Trail Review
  • 14. Final Assembly
  • 15. Packing/Shipping

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