TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Panel Replacement
TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Panel Replacement
TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010

Item specifics

5.7 inch
365 Days
Product Line
Touch screen terminals
TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Screen

Product review


Liyitec Touch Screen Glass Terminals TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Panel Replacement

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Liyitec Touchscreen Terminal TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Screen Panel Repair Replacement 

TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Graphic LCD 4 tones of blue STN320 x 240 (5.7”)10 Touches function Terminal Repair Kit

TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 operator terminals Main characteristics (modeldependant)::
•Compatible with all otherterminals
•Two way “Operator present”button
•Ten laterally positioned
•Emergency button
•Stop button and start buttonwith light
•IP65 protection

Liyitec TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 HMI function allows variables and translations to be exported into filesthat can easily be edited using Excel or a text-editor. Once edited, thefile can be re-imported and VTWIN will automatically associate thetranslations, while the variables will be immediately available to be usedto create new project components

VICPAS supply Liyitec Touchscreen Terminal TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Panel Glass with 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.


The table below describes the parameters of the TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 HMI Parts.

Brand: Liyitec
Resolution: 320x240
Backlighting: CCFL
Warranty: 6-Months Warranty
Product Line: Touch Terminal
Display Type: Graphic LCD TFT
Touch Screen Matrix: 20x16 (16x15)
Display area size: 4.53x3.4
Size: 5.7"
Part Number: TR4-072F-01


Question: How to operate the TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Terminal with touchscreen panel?

Answer:To be able to carry out a change in any editable variable field you musttouch the chosen field on the display and a page appears offering theneeded to modify the field.

Question: What is the TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Termination of CAN line?

Answer:The TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 in question integratesthe termination resistances of the serial line (typically 120 ohms)which can be inserted by means of a jumper (preset on 1-2, line not terminated).To activate the termination:
• Make sure the device is not connected to the power supply.
• Remove the cover.
• Identify the jumper unit J2.
• Position the jumper between pins 2 and 3 (line terminated).
• Replace the back cover.
• Reconnect the power supply.

Question: What is TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010 Touch Screen Panel Glass HMI parts price?

Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

Common misspellings: 

TR4-072F-01 8F3-A110-72010
R4-072F-01 80F3-A110-72010
TR4-072F-01 08F3-A110-72010
TR4-072F-01 80F3-A110-T2010
TR4-0072F-01 80F3-A110-72010