6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0 Siemens OP37 Membrane Switch Repalcement

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Update Time 2019-10-17
Item specifics
Warranty6 Months
Product LineSiemens OP37 Operator Panel
SupplySIMATIC HMI OP37 Membrane Keyboard

6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0 Siemens SIMATIC HMI OP37 OPERATOR PANEL Membrane Keypad Display and Plastic Case Shell Repair Replacement


This opening chapter provides a brief overview of the OP37 and its
• performance characteristics and
• controls, display and indicators.

Operator panel OP37/Pro is suitable for sophisticated tasks in the field of “operatorcontrol and monitoring”. It is designed as a fitted unit for use directly onthe machine.Owing to its high degree of protection (IP65 on the front panel), the OP caneven be used in harsh industrial environments. The OP can be fitted in the followinglocations:
• control cabinets/desks
• 19” cabinets/racks..

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The table below describes the parameters of the 6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0 Siemens OP37 HMI Parts.

Part Number: 6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0
Number of function keys: 36
Character size:5 mm
Warranty: 6-Months Warranty
Product Line:Siemens OP37
Digital outputs:16
Number of system keys : 32
System keys:YES
Design as touch screen:No
Design of display: STN display

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Siemens Operator panel OP37 Description Inventory status

Siemens OP37 series HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • 6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0 SIMATIC HMI OP37 datasheet pdf
  • Siemens Simatic OP37 HMI operator panel keypad manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: What is the dimension of 6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0 Siemens OP37 membrane switch??

    Answer:There are two types membrane switch of OP37.The type A is 325mm wide and 542mm heigh and the type B is 445mm wide and 300.5mm heigh.

    Question:How to make a physical installation for Siemens OP37?

    Answer:This chapter provides information on the OP37/Pro with regard to
    • Installing the operator panel
    • Unit dimensions
    • Function key labeling

    Question: What is the 6AV3637-7AB26-0AN0 Siemens OP37 mebrane switch and shell HMI parts price?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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