VELA Ventilator Touch Screen Panel Glass Repair

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Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update Time 2018-11-05
Item specifics
Shipping2-3 workdays
Warranty365 Days
NewVELA Ventilator Touch Screen Panel Glass Repair
VELA Ventilator Touch Screen Panel Glass Repair

This VELA Ventilator touch screen panel is easy repair replacement, all the accessories are Brand New and will be Tested before shipment, compatible and working well with VELA Ventilator touchscreen after replaced.

We also have enough Inventory, Tough and Safe Packing, Urgent Worldwide DHL express shipment is available, Make sure to help you out of trouble immediately.

Everything we do is for your HMI Operator Running well.

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Product Specification:

Size :  10.4 inch;
Shipping : 2~3 Workdays
Warranty : 365 Days

Contact Bounce : <10ms
Linearity : 1.5%(<1.0% by Request)
Life Expectancy : > 35 million touch on single point
Our advantage:
1.All product are new and original packaging. on the precise, easy use.
3.reflecting the sensitive.
4.OEM is available.

What is VELA ventilator?

The VELA® ventilator is a full-function and noninvasive positive pressure ventilator (NPPV) that provides high-performance tools to support patients throughout the continuum of care.
Available as three models, the VELA ventilator offers a variety of features that can be customized to the specific ventilation needs.
Also enabling analytics, the ventilator helps to support operational improvements and enhance patient care.

What are the highlights of the VELA ventilator?

1. Simplified controls
A flat-panel, color LCD and touch-screen simplify ventilator machine controls to help promote safety.

2. Reduced costs
The VELA patented turbine technology helps reduce downtime and in turn, operating costs.

3. Wall independence
The six-hour internal battery and turbine technology of the VELA ventilator enable operation independent from compressors and wall air.

What is the function of the VELA ventilator?

The VELA Ventilator can provide both invasive and non-invasive ventilation for paediatric and adult patients.
The compressor free technology enables continuous ventilation.
Clinicians can customise the display of patient monitoring parameters from a comprehensive range for tailored critical ventilation patient care.

What are the advantages of the VELA ventilator?

The Vela may be configured as a conventional ventilator or non-invasive positive pressure ventilator (NPPV).
It has been designed to function using most available accessories; there are no proprietary circuits required for your Vela.
It is easy to clean and its design does not allow liquids to pool on its surfaces, reducing the likelihood of fluid leakage into the body of the ventilator.