E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R Touch Screen Repair

Group For ELO Touch Panel with 4 / 5 Wires
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2018-07-09
Item specifics
Touch screen panel typeResistance touch screen
Warranty365 Days
Shipping2-3 workdays
KeywordTouch Screen Panel Glass Repai
NameE586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R Touch Screen Repa
E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R Touch Screen Repair

Touchscreen for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R
HMI touch glass for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R
Touch screen for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R
Touch panel for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R
MMI touch screen for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R
Touch digitizer glass for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R.
Protective film for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R;
Touch screen monitor for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R;
China Manufacture supplier factory for E586628 SCN-A5-FLT10.4-001-0A1-R.

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Product Information:

Size : 10.4  inch;
Shipping : 2~3 Workdays
Warranty : 365 Days

* Environmental
Temperature Operating Range: -10° C ~ 60° C
Storage Range: -20° C ~ 70° C
Relative Humidity Operating Range: 0%~90% RH (no dew falls)
* Performance
Resolution(Interpolation) 4096*4096
Linearity Error <1.5%
Response Speed <10ms
* Optical
Light Transmission 80%(Meet ASTM D1003)