For Siemens Simatic HMI touch screen glass & operator panel repair / replacement
Siemens Simatic HMI & Operator Panel

Siemens Simatic HMI Infomation:

The Siemens simatic HMI is suitable for every industrial applications. A finely graded range of HMI devices is available for local operator control and monitoring: From Key Panels and Basic Panels to Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels.
HMI devices with all-round IP65/NEMA 4 protection for distributed configurations are available for applications with especially high requirements with regard to ruggedness.

The Siemens Simatic operator panel portfolio offers the right solution for every application, from a simple keypad panel through mobile and stationary operator interfaces right up to a performant all-rounder – rugged, compact and multiple interface options. Brilliant display screens and error-free ergonomic operation with either keypad or a touch screen operator interfaces provide added value.

The Siemens Simatic HMI & Operator Panel include several kind of series, such as: Siemens Simatic Panel, Multi Panel, Simatic HMI Comfort Panels, Simatic HMI Basic Panels, Simatic HMI Mobile Panels, Simatic HMI Key Panels, SIMATIC Flat Panel, Panel PC, Simotion panel PC, Smart Line, Sinumerik, Simatic C7 , Simatic Thin Client etc.

What`s the Siemens Simatic HMI main using?


Tunnel control system for the longest railway tunnel in the world.


Control system optimizes the productivity of a hot dip galvanizing plant.


Modernization of a plant in the food and beverage industry on the basis of an integrated automation and visualization solution.

HMI & Operator Panel Broken

The HMI & operator panel  are fragiled and easy been damaged or lossed function after a long time using, Some of the manufacture will replaced the whole HMI panel directly with high price, the other manufactures are hard to find the correct and good quality spare part for replaceemnt, therefore, the others would sent to the local automation or electric repair company to fix, if they don`t have accessory, then have to wait for a long time and pay more money.

 Why touch screen not working? 

VICPAS HMI Touchscreen

Vicpas provide all kind of touch screen for HMI panel repair/replacement, we are working close with lot`s of automation and electric repair company from all over the world, Euro, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia etc, all of them stock the safety stock quantity make sure your HMI panel could be fixed in no time, all the touch screen spare part are brand new, good quality with 365 days warranty. If you are interesting, you could replace the touch screen from the HMI panel by yourself, very easy. How to install touchscreen ), very competitive price and we will ship by DHL express, normally only take 2-5 working days to reach your hand, you don`t need to wait a long time.

If you need more details, please contact us without hesitate.

We provide all Siemens HMI for replacement

Siemnes Simatic HMI

Simatic Panel PC 
Panel PC 477 / 577Panel PC 670 / 677Panel PC 870 / 877 SIMATIC IPC277 / 377E
SIMATIC IPC427D / 477SIMATIC IPC 577 / 677 6AV789.-.....-.... For More Item
Simens Flat Panels
Flat Panel 10TFlat Panel 12TFlat Panel 15T Flat Panel 17T
Flat Panel 19T 6AV7861-4AA00-1AA06AV7861-6TB10-1AA0 For More Item
Siemens Simatic C7
C7-613C7-621 / C7-623C7-624 / C7-626 C7-633 / C7-634
C7-635 / C7-6366ES7635-2EB02-0AE36ES7636-2EB00-0AE3 For More Item
Simatic HMI Mobile Panels
Mobile Panel 170Mobile Panel 177Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN KTP700 Mobile
KTP900 Mobile 6AV2125-2GB03-0AX06AV2125-2JB23-0AX0 For More Item
Siemens Simatic Multi Panel
MP270 / MP277MP370 / MP377 TP177 / TP177ATP 177B
TP 270 6AG1642-0BD01-2AX06AV6545-0CC10-0AX0 For More Item
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels
TP700 ComfortTP900 ComfortTP1200 Comfort TP1500 Comfort
TP1900/2200 Comfort 6AV2124-0UC02-0AX16AV2124-0XC24-1AX0 For More Item

Siemnes Simatic Operator Panel

Simatic Thin Client
Siemens Smart Line
HMI Smart 700HMI Smart 10006AV6648-0CC11-3AX06AV6648-0BC11-3AX0
Siemens Simotion panel PC
P012T / P012KP015T / P015K 6AU1300-0CB00-0AA06AU1300-0CA00-0AA0
Simatic Operator Panel
OP5 / OP7OP15 / OP25 / OP35OP7 / OP73 / OP77 OP17 / OP170 / OP177
OP27 / OP270 / OP277OP37O / P393-III 6AV3627-1JK00-0AX0 For More Item
Sinumerik Operator Panel
OP08T / OP010OP012 / OP015 Sinumerik 802 Sinumerik 804 / 808
Sinumerik HT6 / HT8 6FC5453-0AX11-0AG16FC5403-0AA20-1AA1 For More Item
Simatic HMI Basic Panels
TP1500 BasicKP300 / 400 BasicKTP400 / 600 Basic KTP700 / 900 Basic
KTP1000 Basic6AG1123-2DB03-2AX0 6AG1647-0AD11-2AX0 For More Item

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