VICPAS Strengthens Global Collaboration Through In-Depth Video Conference

VICPAS Strengthens Global Collaboration Through In-Depth Video Conference


VICPAS conducted a successful video conference to enhance international collaboration, particularly in South Africa. Company representatives highlighted their 16 years of industry experience and extensive product range, featuring HMI equipment and Teach Pendant accessories. They reiterated their commitment to provide timely video conferences for inquiries related to these products. This meeting solidified VICPAS's strategic partnership with global clients.

VICPAS Strengthens Global Collaboration Through In-Depth Video Conference

VICPAS Strengthens Global Collaboration Through In-Depth Video Conference

Exploring Collaboration: Enamul Haque's Visit to VICPAS

VICPAS, a renowned player in the HMI and Teach Pendant components industry, has taken its global partnerships a step further by engaging in an insightful video conference with an international associate. The conference, which brought together key stakeholders from both sides, addressed various essential aspects:

1. Unveiling VICPAS:

The conference commenced with an extensive presentation on VICPAS, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the company, its remarkable journey of development over the past 16 years, an in-depth exploration of its vast product portfolio, and the pivotal role of its official website.

2. Client Introduction and Conference Goals:

The client introduced themselves, shedding light on the objectives and expectations for this video conference.

Exploring Collaboration: Enamul Haque's Visit to VICPAS

3. Addressing Client Inquiries:

The conference facilitated a detailed discussion, focusing on resolving inquiries and addressing concerns posed by the client.

4. A Pledge of Ongoing Support:

The conference concluded with VICPAS reiterating its commitment to remain readily available for future video conferences, ensuring unwavering support for addressing any HMI & Teach Pendant component-related issues and requirements.

Exploring Collaboration: Enamul Haque's Visit to VICPAS

The comprehensive discussion spanned a range of topics, including market penetration strategies for South Africa, joint marketing initiatives, and product customization tailored to meet the specific needs of the South African market. Regarding product customization, we offer a diverse range of services. For example, VICPAS collaborate with your company to provide product models and images to meet your specific requirements in the early stage. As inquiries and purchase volumes gradually increase, we will allocate dedicated one-on-one customer service, ensuring prompt and efficient quotations, fast delivery, and professional after-sales support. Furthermore, we can accommodate special customer needs, such as customizing touchscreens, membrane buttons, plastic casings, and other switch accessories.

VICPAS representatives expressed their anticipation for further exploring collaboration opportunities, particularly in the South African market, aiming for shared success. VICPAS also mentioned their readiness to conduct video conferences with clients at any time to assist with any inquiries related to HMI and Teach Pendant accessories.

The successful convening of this video conference marks a continued deepening of strategic partnerships between VICPAS and international clients, establishing a solid foundation for future collaborations.

Exploring Collaboration: Enamul Haque's Visit to VICPAS

For more information about VICPAS, its products, and services, please visit the company's official website at advancements, and achieving mutual success.


Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, VICPAS was founded in 2007 and boasts over 16 years of industry experience. The company specializes in supplying HMI equipment and Teach Pendant accessories, offering high-quality components and services for industrial equipment maintenance and repair worldwide. VICPAS has an extensive product range encompassing various brands of touchscreens, membrane switches, PLCs, Teach Pendants, and more. The company's mission is to provide customers with efficient, professional, and comprehensive one-stop HMI accessory procurement services.

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