How to Replace the display module on Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 700 to 1500 Terminals ?

This section shows how to replace the display module on Allen Bradly PanelView Plus 700 to 1500terminals. It is necessary to remove the communication module from the logic module to perform this operation.

Follow these steps to replace the display module.

  • 1. Disconnect power from the terminal.
  • 2. Remove the terminal from the panel.
  • 3. Detach the communication module, if attached, from the logicmodule by removing the four screws.
  • 4. Loosen the six captive screws that attach the logic module to thedisplay module.

  • 5. Carefully lift the logic module from the terminal.
  • 6. Set the display module aside.
  • 7. Position the new logic module over the new display module sothat the connectors align.

  • 8. Push down on the logic module until firmly seated
  • 9. Tighten the six captive screws that secure the logic module tothe display module to a torque of 0.58 Nm ( 5…7 lb•in).
  • 10. Attach the communication module (if necessary) and tighten thefour screws to a torque of 0.58 Nm (5…7 lb•in).

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